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The Mathena Center serves the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention by providing pastoral resources and training to help in recovering and revitalizing the most at-risk churches in the convention. The Center accomplishes its mission by training students for revitalization, mentoring pastors doing revitalization, and counseling churches needing revitalization.


Church revitalization is a difficult and essential ministry. The Mathena Center internship prepares aspiring pastors for this crucial work. The Internship will provide an academic foundation, and practical experience in the “three legged stool”. Pastoral Theology, to be equipped to care for souls in struggling, dying churches. And understand what it takes to pursue your church’s holiness. Healthy Ecclesiology, what leaders and programs make up a healthy church? How do we, by God’s grace, move unhealthy churches to health? Personal Soul Care, to shepherd the flock of God. And learn to care for your own soul and the souls of those that God has entrusted to you. Please contact us with any questions at

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Meet Our Team

Brian Croft

Senior Fellow

Brian Croft is Senior Pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky and is the Founder of Practical Shepherding.

Eric Bancroft


Eric Bancroft serves as the Pastor of Grace Church Miami. He has also served as Senior of Castleview Church in Indianapolis, IN. as well as an associate pastor at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Timothy Beougher


Dr. Beougher serves as the Associate Dean, Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Sean Corser

Student Associate

Sean serves on the Administrative side of the Center and was also an intern in 2015-2016. Sean aspires to join in the revitalization of a church.

If you are interested in the work being done by the Mathena Center, or Church Revitalization more broadly, schedule to meet with one of our staff over coffee.
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Each semester we host events on the topic of Church Revitalization. Find information about upcoming events here.
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