Church revitalization is a difficult and vital task. The Mathena Center internship prepares aspiring pastors for this crucial work. The Internship will provide an academic foundation, and practical experience in the three legged stool

  1. Pastoral Theology, to be equipped to care for souls in struggling, dying churches. And understand what it takes to pursue your church’s holiness. 

  2. Healthy Ecclesiology, what leaders and programs make up a healthy church? How do we, by God’s grace, move unhealthy churches to health? 

  3. Personal Soul Care, to shepherd the flock of God. And learn to care for your own soul and the souls of those that God has entrusted to you.



All interns are required to complete the assigned reading, projects, and participate in the Weekender in April, and anything else as stated in the syllabus.



Applications for the 2019-2020 academic year are currently being accepted. The internship is approved as a 3 hour elective through the Billy Graham School. Students will register for both semesters, receiving an incomplete for the first semester and a full credit upon completion of the second.